Short fiction in Orbis (UK); Short fiction in Toasted Cheese (US)

2010-2018 Writing about bookish life in Canada, CanLit and being BuriedInPrint: a collection of 1.525 articles, essays and reviews, including discussion of more than 750 works by Canadian writers
2018 The /tƐmz/ Review: Issue 5 (Autumn): “On Lauren B. Davis’ The Grimoire of Kensington Market” R
2018 The /tƐmz/ Review: Issue 3 (Spring): “On Dawn Dumont’s Glass Beads” R
2017 The Rusty Toque: Issue 12: “On Claudia Casper’s The Mercy Journals” R
2016 The Rusty Toque: Issue 11 “Shifting Heartbeats: On Olive Senior’s The Pain Tree” R
2015 Empty Mirror “Countdown: Magie Dominic and Ann-Marie MacDonald” R
2009 Ars Medica (Canada): Volume 6, Issue 1: Beneath the Skin (SS 24-29)
2009 Lavandaría: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash and Word City Works Press (USA): At My Fingertips (SS 279-285)
2006 Other Voices (Canada): Volume 19, Number 1 (Summer): Let It Snow (SS 36-42)
2006 Five Fingers Review (USA): Issue 21 (Spring): Backlight (SS 28-37)
2004 Danforth Review (Canada): “In the Chambers of the Sea” (R/W)
2004 the milieu press anthology (Canada): Back to the Sun (SS 70-74)
2004 Pagitica (Canada): Summer 2004: “Sitting Practice” (R/W)
2004 Danforth Review (Canada): June 2004: “Family Resemblances” (R/W)
2004 Front and Centre (Canada): Issue 9: Notes for a Working Draft (SS 7)
2004 Pagitica (Canada): Volume 2, Number 4: “Requests & Dedications” (R 129)
2003 Tears in the Fence (UK): Issue 36: Ripening (SS 55-55)
2003 Orbis (UK): Issue 126: Burying and Marrying (SS 56-57)
2003 Room of One’s Own (Canada): Volume 26, Number 2: Stores (SS 73)
2003 QWF (UK): Number 40 (Summer 2003): Amethyst (SS 35-39)
2003 Wandering Dog (UK): July 2003: A Million Moths (SS/W)
2002 Mslexia (UK): Number 14 (Summer/Autumn 2002): Hook (SS 27)
2001 Room of One’s Own (Canada): Volume 23, Number 1: “Touched” (R 103)
2000 Room of One’s Own (Canada): Volume 22, Number 4: “When Shadows Burn” (R 97-98)
1999 Other Voices (Canada): Volume 12, Number 1 (Winter): Melon (SS 59-63)

Note: This list includes only national and international publications; if you require a comprehensive list that includes local and community newspapers and bulletins, please contact me personally.

SS=Short Story
(number)=page number

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