Notes in January 2019

This month, in reading about writing, I’m checking out Susan Shapiro’s The Byline Bible.  Also, I’ve just posted my thoughts about Startle and Illuminate, compiled by Anne Giardini and Nicholas Giardini from Carol Shields’ personal and archived papers.

In writing about writing, I continue making notes about my experience juggling the voices of seven characters, as I sink into approach the final stages of revising a book-length manuscript. Which aren’t so final, as I am still discovering layers of characterization to solidify those voices.

In reading about reading, I have been dipping into Francine Prose’s What To Read and Why (2018).

And, in writing about reading, I am working on a review of Manjushree Thapa’s latest novel, Each of Us in Our Own Lives. Which has taken me on a detour into her backlist (more readily available overseas, but definitely worth investigating).

January 15, 2019


“There’s not much to say about January.”
Erlend Loe Doppler

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